Nothing Matters.

  You have nothing.  Nothing in matter is yours.  Nothing at all.  You don't have a house or an apartment, you don't have that expensive handbag from Gucci that your silly boyfriend bought for to make you happy, without knowing thinking that you can't buy happiness.  You don't have your phone that helps you connect... Continue Reading →


My shadow.

I remember our first night.I didn't know you at all, but your desire to know me aroused my curiosity.We shared a few words, and with your eyes of darkness shadow  you showed to me the lights of this sky. It's weird how we are so different, but how we could  attracted each other.  You made... Continue Reading →

The sad clown of this time.

Don't worry little clown with sober world under your eyelash, Don't be afraid of your reflection in mirror, If you can't take this life without the mask, it's okay, Just don't lose who you are in your mask. Drown your face in your pure tears, Paint your sad face in color of happiness, Cover your... Continue Reading →

President Trump didn’t bought America!

It's a big regression for America. Yesterday I was sure that America will chose liberty,democracy,  free society where we are able to make choices, where we are able to respect each others, doesn't matter if we are white, black, men or women, where you can give individuals freedoms and holding them accountable. Yesterday I was... Continue Reading →

Free falling.

  My grandfather once told me, be careful with people, because all the time they buy you flight tickets for free falling. I tried to understand so many times, what he meant but in the end I saw with my own eyes, felt on my own skin and with my beating heart how is to be on... Continue Reading →

Don’t run.

Dear Soul, I know that with every single day you lose your breath. I am trying to create for you an abyss, maybe you can hide from this world.  If you can wait for me a little longer I will take you in that place where you should be. I can feel that you are... Continue Reading →

Fragile Spine.

Avem frageda maduva spinarii, impartita-n spatii cu cutit, Blestemati sa purtam in spinare, timpul in mii de secole impartit, Respiratii taiate pana-n pamanturi, ne intalnim in luna si intr-un lac, Unde seara la sfarsit de viata, ne ingropam cuvintele in veac. Tu prea trista, obosita-n taina, raspunzi timpului grabit, Eu mancata de singuratate, n-am nici... Continue Reading →

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